Based in Denver Colorado, The Punk Rock Horror Podcast is run by two horror fanatics. Every other week, Matt and Cody will bring you in depth discussions about everything and anything in the horror community, while also providing suggestions for horror movies, tv, books, and so much more that YOU, as a fellow horror fanatic, should delve into.


Highlighted Episodes

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Episode 1: The Beginning!

In this episode Matt and Cody introduce themselves and the podcast. They talk about somethings they love and hate, the health benefits of watching horror movies, and even share some of their own creepy stories that happened to them!!!

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Ep.15: Punk Rock Horror & Denver Podcast Crossover!

In this crossover episode, Matt and Cody are joined together by the Denver Podcast! 

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EP. 27: Literal horror, Dan      Connor, Patricia Krmpotich! (My gal the zombie) 

In today episode Cody and Matt were joined by the dynamic duo Dan Conner and Patricia Krmpotich the creators behind the amazing My Gal, The Zombie comic to talk about all this in horror literature and comics...kind of.